Time Series Analysis Framework

This framework is aimed to provide analytical tools and operations on time series from any domain and allows plugins to be written to import time series from custom sources and visualize them in custom ways. Written in Java with GUI constructed with Java Swing.


K-mer search enabled fast bacterial DNA sequence retrieval with DNA sequence analysis of Pittsburgh rivers.

City Selection for Int'l Conferences

Venue Selection of International Conferences Based on Time Difference and Flight Fatigue: Explored the influence of jet lag and flight fatigue on travelers; built models to provide strategies for international conference venue selection. (IMMC2017, Finalist, MATLAB/Mathematica)

Language Distributions Prediction

Predicting the Distributions of Language Speakers and Its Application in Office Site Selections: Borrowing from the SIR model from epidemiology and the gravitational model from physics, built a model to analyze the spread of languages; utilized AHP to analyze and offer recommendations of global office setup for international corporations. (MCM2018, Meritorious, Python/MATLAB)